Introduction of the apps which utilize Sapporo Open Data

kokosil Sapporo

kokosil Sapporo is a tourist guide app that utilizes the IoT technology. The service is available in six languages such as Chinese (Chinese and simplified Chinese), English, Japanese, Korean and Thai by fully utilizing open data.

kokosil Sapporo

Entries for the App Contest


Grand Prize
Title Application name / Team name
Sapporo Heat Map オープンデータ学園
Second Prize
Title Application name / Team name
みちコレ さくさくパブリックス
札幌ローカルマップ 渡部陽太
Special Prize
Title Application name / Team name
TAGCAM - ハッシュタグ自動生成カメラ - BIY UNITED

  • 札幌の娘 more...
    posted by: oyg

    Explanation of the application
    This application program displays tourist spots, sport facilities, etc. in Sapporo in the Google map.
    It targets the theme of the contest, "Application programs that will improve the convenience and satisfaction of tourists including the foreigners", and the design was devised so that it can be operated easily.
    Introduction of the application program
    The current location is displayed by using the GPS feature in the initial screen in the Google map.
    It is possible to search eight kinds of genres such as tourist spots and sports facilities with a retrieval button.
    The marker can be displayed in the Google map.

  • SAPPORO GULLI more...
    posted by: 東京もぐら

    Explanation of application
    WEB application program specialized to sightseeing information that centers on Sapporo streetcar.
    From the application that shows the operation status and the timetable of the streetcar, it is easy to access information such as Sapporo sweets, Genghis Khans, soup curries, etc. what you want to know.

  • Hokkaido Pocket Walk more...
    posted by: Team WS

    【 Outline of application 】
    The issues which tourism faces today include the following.
    Issue 1. It has become easy to come to Japan from various countries along with the globalization.
    In such a background, it is necessary to increase the number of foreigners who want to go sightseeing in Sapporo and satisfy them, so that we can extend the profit in the tourism of Sapporo.
    Issue 2. An effective notification cannot be done for minor spots and small events in shopping street, and the number of visiting tourists have not increased much.
    Issue 3. Information on the tourist spots is abundant in the Internet, and time is wasted to look for a tourist spot where someone wants to go, popular tourist spots, and tourist spots suited for the current season.

  • みんなの活動写真札幌/每个人的活动照片札幌/Everyone 's event photos Sapporo more...
    posted by: For Sapporo

    'Everyone 's event photos Sapporo' is a photo gallery application made by using "札幌オープンデータ写真" that Sapporo Open Data Association offers. It targets only the photographs that are the open data at the time of development now. However, the license of open data will be provided in the future. The photographs that the tourists and the citizens take in Sapporo will be uploaded to the website based on it. In this process, the website will develop into the photo archive of the sightseeing in Sapporo that can be used for both. One characteristic of Sapporo is snow. We intend to collect event photographs where different faces are shown in the same place in summer and winter, or during daytime and night time. Tourists can see the scenes of Sapporo which they do not see in the current season and may be tempted to come back again to Sapporo, thus repeat tourists(←?). The Sapporo citizens can guide foreign tourists while they can view the photo archive. We intend to grow a regional community with rich resources of stock photos in Sapporo which can be used in promotional leaflets, booklets and other websites as well as in this application.

  • Study Mail more...
    posted by: 萩原崇之

    It is originally a service to inform a user with an e-mail when a study meeting that contains a key word is announced on the supported sites after the user registers a set of key words. The target is expanded outside the IT study meeting, and sightseeing event RDF of Sapporo is supported experimentally now.

  • TAGCAM - ハッシュタグ自動生成カメラ - more...
    posted by: BIY UNITED

    Camera app that works well with Instagram in vogue
    1. The change in the event photo taking and its viewing
    The camera used for the event photo taking have switched to smartphones.
    The viewing style has changed also: from keeping the photos on a PC and viewing them privately to sharing them on SNS (Instagram) to receive "Like" and other comments from others. ...

  • 札幌厕所方向/Sapporo Toilet Direction more...
    posted by: Comfortable toilet

    “札幌厠所方向/Sapporo Toilet Direction” is an application that guides the directions to rest rooms in the City of Sapporo. It offers guidance on the rest rooms in parks mainly. Finding rest rooms is always a bother during travelling. To the open data of the park lavatory list that Sapporo City offers, latitude and longitude data is added, and the whole data is structured and processed, and the result is turned into open data. This map application is created based on the open data.

  • 北海道サービスエリアガイド more...
    posted by: 中山圭太郎

    This application provides the information on the rest area and parking areas in Hokkaido. It is important to take a rest, eat and drink in the rest areas and the parking areas when we travel on the expressway. It is very important especially in Hokkaido where the travel distance tends to be very long. When a journey is planned, the available services of rest areas and the parking areas can be examined on the map in advance. Detailed information is displayed when you click on a point on the map. Because "Expressway information on Hokkaido (NEXCO East Japan)" being offered as open data contains the photographic images of various places, the atmosphere can be known in advance. This application aims at making the automobile journey safe, comfortable and enjoyable.

  • [iOSアプリ] 札幌ローカルマップ more...
    posted by: 渡部陽太

    This Sapporo local map is an iOS application program that does not need the communication over the Internet for the display of the map and the measurement of the current location. "local" in the name of the application refers to both meaning of "local" as in data for Sapporo "local2 region and as in the map data being "local" data that resides on the mobile device itself.

  • SAKANA Map in Hokkaido more...
    posted by: Osakana Bus

    From Sapporo for foreign visitors to Japan
    App for gorgeous bus tour to enjoy food and hot springs of Hokkaido
    This is a web application to display seasonal fish in 10 areas of Hokkaido on the map with the image icons.
    Fish icons are scattered in the designated area at random. So its exact position is not meaningful. It aims at the serendipity on the users when they view them in different positions, also this helps reduce the clutter on the screen.
    Fish name's pronunciation is provided in Roman alphabets. Detailed information like how to cook and eat it is provided with a link supported by machine translation.
    In the English version, it introduces the hotels in Sapporo where clerks who speak foreign languages welcome you.
    Hot springs in Hokkaido can be mashed up in the display.

  • \6,000旅行! more...
    posted by: 鈴木 祐亮  叶若帆 Makoto Nakatsuji  Kiryu 貴流

    Explanation of application
    All you can enjoy in a JPN 6,000 YEN travel
    Trip Adviser
    Select by drag & drop freely
    The schedule and budget
    Automatic calculation


    With automatic recalculation

  • HokkaidoVisitAnalyze more...
    posted by: Team WS

    Recently, the number of foreigners who come to Japan from various countries for sightseeing has increased thanks to the globalization of economy and others.
    It is necessary to increase the number of foreigners who want to go sightseeing in Sapporo and satisfy them, so that we can extend the profit in the tourism of Sapporo
    To avoid unnecessary cost and useless measures, we should analyze the current status to pick up appropriate measures.
    To analyze the current state, an application that uses open data concerning sightseeing and Instagram, an SNS has been developed.
    By this application, we hope the results of analysis as in the following are made visible, and they will lead to the profit in tourism: "Where is the area in Hokkaido that has the largest number of tourists?," "When in each year is the area most popular?" and "The ratio of foreign and Japanese tourists?"

  • さっぽろスイーツApps more...
    posted by: SWEETS LABO. 43

    Sapporo sweets are names of sweets that use raw materials made in Hokkaido such as milk and the butter used for western-style cakes and confectionaries.
    The Sweets Kingdom Sapporo Promotion Council (スイーツ王国さっぽろ推進協議会) is promoting new western-style confectionary culture from Sapporo.
    Sweets are good souvenir of sightseeing trip in Sapporo.
    "Especially, Sapporo sweets that made the best use of local farm products is best!"
    We hope everybody will agree with the preceding sentence so we made the data from the western-style sweets shops that have joined Promotion Council available as open data.
    'Sapporo sweets Apps' promotes Sapporo sweets, fuse sweets with sightseeing, and promotes Sapporo as the town of sweets to the world.

  • WOOOH more...
    posted by: BIY UNITED

    Application program to understand pronunciation of fish names and how to eat fish.
    1. Issues regarding fish in tourist spots
    Hokkaido is the treasure trove of variety of fish.
    You can find fish at many tourist spots.
    But, fish's name is often described only in the Chinese characters and Japanese Kana characters in a lot of places.
    So it often happens "pronunciation is not clear." not only to the foreigners, but even to the Japanese since the characters tend to be rarely used characters outside the fish's name usage.

  • 札幌探索 more...
    posted by: 403と405

    This application searches the tourist spots of Sapporo City from the aspect of "Genre", "Area", and "Current location", and display their positions.
    There are nine kinds of genres: art, culture, history, nature and parks, entertainment, eating and drinking, shopping, and hotel accommodations.
    The app delimits the Sapporo city by "District/Ward" (ku, 区) units into separate areas, and can display the tourist spots of all genres that exist in the selected district.
    The feature of "Search from the current location" can display the tourist spots of all genres of the district where user is currently located.
    This app displays all registered tourist spots in the map when the user is not in the Sapporo city.

  • Sapporo Open Map more...
    posted by: sotozakimasanori

    Information released by the Sapporo open data is displayed in the map.
    Information in the vicinity of the current position which is often necessary, when the tourist starts this app, is obtained quickly.
    Background of development
    One has a little extra time on one's hands in the tourist spot visited by work and sightseeing.
    This app was developed for such an occasion.
    Typical travel guide sources are good enough for travel planning and event information.
    What we can do here and now is something to which the application pays attention.
    There is a little extra time for going sightseeing.
    Then, the most needed information is about tourist spots or restaurants in the neighborhood of the current position.

  • MinaVi more...
    posted by: サークル・SnowWhite

    MinaVi is an application that has been created to support sightseeing activity in the tourist spots.
    Therefore, the user is limited to those who go sightseeing.
    Recently, "Action program for sightseeing (観光立国実現のためのアクションプログラム)" has been proposed.
    This and other promotions of inbound sightseeing have increased the number of overseas tourists to Japan.
    Moreover, Sapporo City has been running for the Olympic Winter Games venue, so foreign tourists' demand will increase more and more in the future.
    Therefore, an application that supports multi-language display for the inbound tourists has been developed.

  • みちコレ more...
    posted by: さくさくパブリックス

    "Michi Kore" is a smartphone application that let the users build and share original maps.
    The use cases range from the big one to the small one: jogging course one enjoys privately, sightseeing maps created by tourism associations, large scale maps meant for travels in car and railway, walking stroll path for every day, etc.
    "Michi Kore" is different from other map application programs in that it can let the users to share maps with others.
    The small map of one's creation is used by someone else, and then it grows, and becomes a big map which can amuse a lot of people in the end.

  • Sapporo Heat Map more...
    posted by: オープンデータ学園

    Sapporo Heat Map is an intuitive tourist spot discovery tool with which it is easy for someone to decide where to go even if the person visits Sapporo for the first time.
    Even if it is obvious to the local, the person who comes here for the first time doesn't understand what is there waiting for him/her.
    Where is the liveliest place in town?
    What is the tourist spot worth visiting even it is far away?
    Sapporo Heat Map helps to find such information.

    posted by: Shishamous

    "Get Your Lucky Place in Sapporo!!"
    There is an old tradition of "Praying for God's help when hesitating" in Japan
    The application program has been developed to help the tourist who has hesitated as to which tourist spot should be visited by picking an oracle for the tourist
    It would be nice if foreign tourists can experience the tradition and culture of Japan while they go sightseeing.